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The High Moor of Schrems
Dark water - Quiet country

In a landscape clad in mystical swaths of fog in spring and in autumn, you will find the marvellous and quiet High Moor Natural Park showing former peat banks in various stages of regeneration. These transitional stages are particularly attractive as a landscape, and offer a wide variety of animal and plant life. This is the largest peat moor in Lower Austria covering an area of 300 hectares of which 119 hectares have now been designated a nature reserve.

By showing in an impressive manner how man and peat moor have interacted through the centuries, not always without problems, this natural park offers a unique attraction. Visitors experience at first hand how nature re-conquers former peat banks without endangering the plants and wildlife of the moor. The former peat banks covered by water along which the 4.5 km long High Moor Hiking Path leads, and the former drainage ditches provide an optimum habitat for the extremely rare moor frog. Bladderwort, a small underwater plant feeding on small animals can also be observed. Bog iris and yellow water lilies can be seen on the free water surfaces of the pools. Sundew, one of the few carnivorous plants surviving in our region can still be found in the Schrems moor.

The approximately 20 m high Himmelsleiter or Sky Ladder designed by Vienna architect Manfred Rapf scheduled to be completed in 2001 will offer a special view and particular insight into the fascinating landscape of this peat moor. An information centre offering insight into the importance of peat will also be established. 

High Moor Natural Park Sundew

Himmelsleiter or Sky Ladder Peat Moor
Naturpark_Ubersichtskarte_klein_englisch_High-Moor-Hiking_Path.jpg   High Moor Hiking Path

Natural park leadership:
Adults EUR 4,- / children EUR 2,-

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  Length: 4,850 m

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